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Requirements in the auto industry are becoming increasingly complex and extensive. Here at Bocar, our many years of experience in aluminum applications mean that we can develop and produce perfected automotive sector products and solutions with maximum functionality, regardless of whether we are working with our customers purely as a supplier, or as a system partner.

We are meeting the latest requirements – for lightweight construction technology for example – using topology optimization software, which also allows us to make our contribution to environmentally friendly mobility. Our broad spectrum of customers, processes and markets means that our product expertise just goes on improving with time.

Today, our product range includes: oil pans, control housings, intake manifold modules, VTC housings, water and oil pumps, transmission housings, cylinder head hoods and modules with oil separation systems, engine mountings, etc.   

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1.Variable Valve Timing Module 2.Intake Manifold 3.Intake Manifold 4.Turbocharger Housing 5.Oil Pan 6.Thermostat Housing 7.Oil Pump 8.Cooling System Module

Variable Valve Timing Module

Intake Manifold

Intake Manifold

Turbocharger Housing

Oil Pan

Thermostat Housing

Oil Pump

Cooling System Module