Your partner for high-quality high pressure and gravity casting products in aluminum 


Lean and efficient – for your success

Bocar and Auma are optimally equipped with over 400 CNC machining centers, modular production lines and leak tests. The Auma plants have over 100 high pressure die cast machines (HPDC) with a locking force of between 50 and 2,200 tons. The aluminum chill casting plant has over 50 production cells. We also carry out heat treatment on a range of products.

Bocar Group production and logistics processes are based on lean manufacturing to enable us to meet customer requirements. The Bocar production system is integral to our corporate culture, ensuring that our product processes are optimized.

We train our employees regularly, embedding the Bocar culture in both their knowledge and actions.

  • Flexibility
  • Value orientation
  • Synchronization
  • Transparency
  •  Perfection