The scope of our services

From initial idea to finished product

Our products generally have to stand the test of time in very different global markets, and very diverse conditions. What’s more, development lead times are ever shorter and cost pressures continually increasing.

That’s why “full service” and “frontloading” are more than just catchphrases to us. They mean performance across the entire product development process, and a consolidated single-source value chain under one roof, without lengthy processes or delays – flexible, efficient, green and customer focused.

We maximize our expertise by combining our extensive skills in handling aluminum and plastic with a focus on introducing the latest technology into our production processes and how we develop them going forward. The issue of lightweight construction, especially, is constantly gaining importance. We guarantee problem-free processes, and as a development partner we offer our customers an end-to-end concept from design and engineering, through production to aftermarket.

The BOCAR Group has over 60 design stations, and the development cycle is monitored through to production.