The best is only just good enough for us

Quality is “the” key prerequisite for our future as a business. It is the foundation on which our customers lay their trust, and therefore, on all of our activities. The whole organization, and every employee, is focused on this benchmark. Quality management is our number one management task.

All of our production processes are designed around a zero defect target strategy. The latest technology, globally consistent standards and a mature process chain allow us to strike the balance between the best possible quality on one hand, and competitiveness on the other.

It is also absolutely critical that every employee – from management to the worker on the line – is committed. Because quality begins with people, not things. Preventive maintenance and TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) also contribute here.

In our approved laboratories and measuring rooms, whichwe carry out materials testing using X-ray and mass spectroscopy, as well as metallographic analyses.  are equipped with high-precision measuring devices,

We are never satisfied with today’s achievements – we work continuously to improve our quality and management systems. All of our processes and procedures are designed so that we can react quickly to meet customer requirements all over the world – without compromising quality. So we work very closely and openly with our customers in the automotive industry. We assign every customer with clearly defined contact persons and procedures. An expert team of internal and external specialists regularly evaluates our performance.

Our quality system is up to date with ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14000 standards.

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