Our most important resource

The automotive industry is characterized by constant change, a fast pace and a high innovation dynamics. We develop and motivate our people in a very focused way.

They are the foundation of our work and performance, and our success is driven by their high level of engagement with tasks and projects.

What counts for us is this: everyone has strategies and machinery – it is people who make the difference.

We encourage day-to-day togetherness, engagement, openness, trust and loyalty. Our aim in doing so is to achieve outstanding performance, sustainable expertise, and personal responsibility.

Pleasant working conditions and targeted education and training opportunities are our highest priority. This starts with all our plants having their own training facilities, and goes on to include exchange programs – with our 

international operations – and alliances with other countries, institutions and universities. Last but not least, we develop our specialists in their fields, and run separate management development programs in self-management, leadership and sales.

The majority of our young talent is trained in house. Every plant in the BOCAR Group has its own training workshops, where we train our young technicians along the lines of the German apprenticeship model.