The company

The perfect combination of innovation and tradition

Dependability, permanence, professionalism and quality are increasingly important to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-accelerating commercial world.

We pay particular attention to ensuring we have a solid financial base. Corporate finantial stability and transparency are keyprerequisites for long-term partnership.

Our level of engagement with the business guarantees fast – and where necessary unconventional – decision making and at the same time, raises motivation and commitment.

We see ourselves as a socially responsible business, caring for our employees as well as the environment. We encourage a working atmosphere characterized by openness, team spirit and drive.

Ever since the firm was founded almost 50 years ago, our philosophy has been that high quality, innovative products represent a constant technological and human challenge. We refuse to be satisfied with our achievements and we work strictly to the “BOCAR DOL principle”: Disciplina, Orden, Limpieza (discipline, order, cleanliness).

Our ongoing investment in high-end technology and our locations in Mexico, allow us to provide excellent quality at a competitive price.

This makes us – beyond NAFTA – one of the world’s leading providers of aluminum, zinc and plastic modules for vehicle engines.